Helping you keep time, for longer

Give your watch a new lease of life:

  • Is your mechanical (wind-up or automatic) watch beyond repair?
  • Are the parts not available or the movement too rusty?
  • Is the repair just too expensive?
  • Are you tired of winding your old watch every day?
  • Are you looking for reliable timekeeping from your old watch?

If any of the above sound familiar, we have the ideal solution for you. Convert your mechanical watch to a modern battery-driven quartz movement with Quartz Conversions.

Why have your watch converted?

  • Accurate timekeeping
  • No need to wind your watch
  • More robust / durable
  • Your watch will look as great as ever - original hands and winding crown kept in 90% of cases
  • We can revert your watch back to mechanical operation in most cases
  • We offer a 12 months guarantee for all watches converted

Other services

  • Professional Pearl re-stringing – guaranteed work
  • Pre-owned Rolex and other prestige watches
  • Pre-owned quality jewellery
  • See our website:

Having problems with your mechanical watch? Quartz conversion is the solution for you, call us today on 

01577 351 029

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